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1. Where is court located?
2. Is it mandatory that I appear in court?
3. Will there be a Spanish-speaking interpreter for me on my court date?
4. Can I pay my fine before court?
5. What happens if I miss my court date?
6. Can you pay your fine at court and leave?
7. What if I do not have the full payment, but I wanted to dispose of my case today?
8. What about my right to a Trial by Jury?
9. What is a bench trial?
10. What if I want to enter a plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere?
11. If I plea not guilty on my court date, will the case be tried that same day?
12. Can I handle my not guilty plea before my assigned arraignment date?
13. How do I request a public defender? Can I do this before my assigned arraignment date?
14. How can I obtain a continuance?